Womxn’s Hackathon

Our Head Trainer, Deb, has been asked to speak at the Womxns Hackathon this weekend.

The Womxn’s Hackathon is a annual hackathon organised by Women in Computer Science(WICS) UCT. Their goal is to encourage the presence of women in tech as more than just users but as creators. They know that there are badass womxn who love to code but often struggle to find spaces that embrace that.

The hackathon is open to students from any tertiary institution in South Africa. Student who are a part of coding programmes are also welcome to join us. Men are also allowed to apply to for the event but teams must be strictly majority womxn.

If you’re interested in joining, please go to the following link and filling in the form. If you’re not a student, they’re also looking for mentors!


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