PayFast For eCommerce



When building an online store, there’s more to think about than just your products. You want to create a simple, smooth and enjoyable journey for your customers. Part of that very important journey is payment. You want to ensure that your customers feel safe and secure while purchasing their goods. That they have multiple options and feel comfortable with them all.

I always recommend PayFast to all my clients who have or are looking at building an online store. Not all online businesses are the same, and PayFast provide various different solutions, such as subscriptions and recurring payments. And offer your customers multiple payment options such as credit & cheque, instant EFT, Masterpass, Mobicred, Debit Cards as well as Bitcoin. Your customers details will be safe and secure, and the experience is simple and smooth.

In the upcoming eCommerce For WordPress workshop, I will be showing you how to integrate PayFast into your WooCommerce store, and will touch on PayFast for Shopify.

Hope to see you there!


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